A list of our most frequently asked questions from clients – tips on how to keep your hair strong, healthy and looking good all year long.

Q. I love blow drying my hair, but how can I repair the damage it does?

A. Protecting your hair from the damaging heat is key. We suggest using one of the Thérmique products from KÉRASTASE. They are heat activated, leave-in conditioners that you apply before blow drying. They nourish as well as protect the hair from heat.

Q. How do I provide nourishment to my hair without weighing it down?

A. Applying light serums from the KÉRASTASE Ultime range or Essence Absolue from SHU UEMURA before blow drying dilutes the product which leaves your hair feeling nourished, softer and smoother.

Q. Why does my hair feel limp?

A. A volumizing shampoo and conditioner will help a lot. We recommend either the Volumifique range from KÉRASTASE or the Muroto Volume from SHU UEMURA.  Follow with either Mousse Bouffant by KÉRASTASE or Ample Angora by SHU UEMURA to style your hair. Ample Angora imparts air into the hair, making it light and flexible. Keep hair spray to a minimum.

Q. How do I keep my colour looking vibrant between salon visits?

A. Shampoo less often, and be sure to use only a shampoo and conditioner especially for colour-treated hair.  Recommendations are Chroma Captive shampoo and conditioner from KÉRASTASE, the Full Shimmer range from SHU UEMURA,  or from L’ORÉAL we suggest the Vitamino range or the INOA Colour Care selection which is sulphate-free.