Pavielyne   Senior Stylist

Winner of several achievement awards, Pavielyne is currently a KERASTASE Ambassador, one of a team of only eight stylists across Canada . In the past two years she has travelled to London twice and Paris three times in conjuction with McKinnon Hair Design’s membership in Haute Coiffure Fran├žaise.

With her aura of creative finesse and brilliant level of client care, Pavielyne works constantly towards delivering the highest standard of hairdressing to her devoted clientele. With her personal attention to detail, Pavielyne will not only tailor make a style and finish to suit you, she will provide you with expert knowledge and confidence in how to re-create your style yourself.

Client Comment: (From Cathy) I have never regretted giving my fabulous hair artist, Pavielyne< carte blanche to create a stunning style makeover for me. I receive compliments, sometimes from complete strangers, on a regular basis. It’s great when people stop me in the street and say “Wow, I love your hair!” Thanks, McKinnons for your excellence in professional and awesomely trained designers and your always friendly and welcoming staff.